Fellows Speed Shop offers a wide variety of services for your classic Volkswagen.
Our services range from full engine conversions & air-cooled tune ups through to just getting your classic through its MOT.

Subaru engine conversion for vw camper


We specialise in replacing air-cooled engines for a modern flat 4 water-cooled Subaru  engine.We use Subaru engines because they have the same flat four configuration as a Volkswagen engine and are therefore an ideal fit and minimal modification is required.

An engine conversion will offer more reliability, better fuel economy, the option of a front and rear heater and a lot more power. No longer will you have to take a run up for hills!

We offer a range of engine options to suit your vehicle. Full drive in drive out conversions as well as individual parts and full DIY kits.



Our own in house made Wilwood front disc brake kits give you the ultimate stopping power! We have 3 options…
Firstly – duel wide 5 5×205 to Porsche 5×130 pattern from one solid billet hub with 4pot wilwood calipers & billet brackets. These can be fitted in early & late spindles running steels or alloys.
Second – late bay soild billet hubs with 5×112 pattern to Porsche 5×130.
Third we have our new T25 front disc brake kits! Massive upgrade from standard with 5×112 patternin a solid billet hub with grooved vented discs & green stuff pads!
All our Disc brake will fit all steels & alloys 15” or more.

Lowered vw

stance & handling

All about getting your VW sitting right!

For some of you that’s about slamming beyond recognition, and for others it may be a more moderate tweak of the ride height! Whichever your preference, we’ll have your vehicle sitting just how you like it. We offer full geometry set ups to make you sure bus is driving perfect.

Please contact us or call in at the workshop for a full quote.

beetle fast

Upgrades, Servicing and MOT

Upgrades such as disc brake conversions, wiring looms, ICE installs, suspension upgrades and more.

Fellows Speedshop also offer regular servicing is key to keeping your classic VW happy and healthy. We offer comprehensive servicing packages for all models of classic Volkswagen’s – Air cooled engines and Subaru engine conversions.

vw camper


If your classic VW camper is in the process of a full restoration & you need help building it, we’re here to help. Replacing all with new & even upgraded parts. Air-cooled or Subaru power. We have a wide range of knowledge to help with whatever you’d like your bus to have.

We can offer near enough anything from stock to full custom. Contact us for more information.


Welding & fabrication

We have a skilled team of welders and fabricators with an extensive experience of working with classic vehicles and heavy machinery. You can trust us to deliver welding and restoration jobs to a very high standard.We would be happy to organise transport of your vehicle between our workshops.

Please telephone us or call in at the workshop for a full quote.

vw camper engine rebuild

Engine Rebuilding

We provide a comprehensive rebuild service on any VW or Subaru engine model, from a simple refresh through to head skimming, balancing and machine work. Price on request, please contact the workshop.

vw paint respray


We work closely with a number of local painters who can cater for all your painting requirements, from minor accident repair to a full concourse paint job. The painters we use work exclusively on classic cars, and predominantly work with classic Volkswagens. We can colour match your vehicles paint and carry out spraying of your Engine bay but we would advise full vehicle spraying to be carried out at our specialists Custom Motor Bodies. We are happy to transport your vehicle between our workshops.

Please contact us or call in at the workshop for a full quote.