Busfest 2017 Malvern

Malverns Busfest 2017 proved to be very successful this year. Very busy international show particular interest in our Brake Disc kits and Subaru Engine Conversions. always happy to support customers using our Kit Conversion. Needed our wellies this year but great local event for fellowsspeedshop

Busfest 2017

Dave’s 13 window Patina

Dave bought this rather rusty but awesome looking Texan deluxe last year.

A bit of impulse buy but with paint like this how can you refuse right?

As the old girl arrived from the docks…

The odd rust issue and rats nest 😀

Work has finally started and the plan is to get her rolling for show season 2014

Watch this space.

Ben finally started last week sorting out the front lower nose repairs and replacing the cab floor.

Out with the old…..

and in with the new

The man at work himself. Young Benjamin. Ripped overalls and everything tut tut!!