The Workshop Hack…..

We have been talking about it for a while, we need a shop truck. Something that we can actually use to haul parts around as well as test and promote new products with and on.

With that in mind at the end of the summer we acquired this awesome and heavily patina’d RHD crew cab. It had been built buy our good friend Paul Pace and when we heard it was for sale it had to be ours!

In stock form the trusty wagon eventually got Ben & Emma to EBI and back but finally gave up the ghost a few weeks after. Engine was tired and shot so the planning began.

We have decided to shoehorn the motor from a heavily modified STI into our crappy old bus 😀

The engine is in fantastic shape despite being filthy, it is a much newer engine than the model of car we stole it from and appears judging by the masses of receipts to have had a lot of work done to it. In the Subaru it self this thing is crazy fast!

Then on to the fun bit strengthening the bus itself. Despite its looks the crew cab is very solid underneath but will need heavy modification to the underside to stop it twisting and braking.

The engine will be mated to a soon to be fully rebuilt Porsche G50 5 speed box. A great buy that came with a brand new clutch which I didn’t think that much of till I googled it! £700!!! ha!

And thats about where we are at the moment. More updates very soon!

DTA End of Season Meet

Its been a long long while since i’ve updated the blog and for that I must apologise. I have made a promise to myself to keep it more regularly updated. So with that in mind the next few updates may be slightly out of actual chronological order but updates are updates right 😀

Last Sunday saw the return of the annual DTA End of Season Meet.

As usual Si and the boys put on an awesome day, amazing line up of what I would consider some of the coolest buses, bugs and Ghia’s currently rolling the streets of the UK. Couple that with super friendly folk, cheap food, beverages and giveaways from lots of the top people in the VW world make this a gathering not to miss.

Here are a few snaps. A big special thanks to the very talented Danny from Bullymeister Photography for donating some of his pics for the blog. If you haven’t already show him some love here and click that “like” button