Engine Conversion – Shortened Sumps

If you’re thinking of going Subaru powered in your Bug, Bus or Ghia then you are going to need a shortened sump.

The standard Subaru sump sits too low, even when used in a stock height VW. As a solution to this we currently offer a solid aluminium sump that we have designed and made specifically for us. These are milled from a single piece of thick aluminium. As a result the sumps are truly stunning and incredibly well engineered but also quite expensive. With this in mind we have also set about creating a new type of shortened sump out of steel. We received our first pre-production sample this afternoon and we’re super pleased with it. We will fit it to an engine tomorrow and test it over the next few weeks. All being well, they will be for sale by the beginning of March. To place an order, please drop us an email at info@fellowsspeedshop.com

The new sumps come in two parts, the first part is still machined from solid aluminium.

You start of with big chunks of metal like this

These are then machined to a rough shape….

Before being milled by a machine with a finer grade tool for a smooth finish

and finally ending up looking like this, a perfect fit to bolt straight to any Subaru engine.

Here is the very first pre-production sample, complete with machined aluminium top and steel base. Ready for fitting and road testing tomorrow! I’ll let you know how we get on! 😀

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