vw splitscreen lowering
rear stance vw camper
Lowered vw split


For some of you that’s about slamming beyond recognition, and for others it may be a more moderate tweak of the ride height! Whichever your preference, we’ll have your vehicle sitting just how you like it. We offer full geometry set ups to make you sure bus is driving perfectly! 

So for your VW stance suspension and handling questions please email, telephone us or call in at the workshop.

Slammed single cab lowered vw

Praise the Lowered

Whether you want dropped spindles, chassis notching, IRS, straight axle conversion, spring plates tubbing and/or more. From slammed to a subtle lowering job, we’re the one-stop slam shop for all of your lowering needs!

Raised T25

Honour the uplifted

Want to ride high above the others?! If you’re looking to raise your van with bigger springs & chunky offroad tyres or even to simply raise your bus from a lowered slammed position and get it  back to stock, we are here to help!

vw camper respray


With any suspension work we carry out we set up your van to drive the best way it possibly can & feel so much more stable on the road. Taking great care in setting up your front & rear tracking to checking & changing caster & camber.

stock vw suspension

Refresh stock parts

Do you like to roll as Volkswagen originally intended? We refurbish stock height spindles & provide sympathetic restoration & replacement of standard parts, spring plates, reduction boxes & suspension components.